5 Signs That a Property is in Need of a Meth Lab Restoration

Meth labs can be found in almost any location, all over the country. However, the real and present danger is when meth labs occur in properties. Due to the lack of visible signs of meth production, they may not be easy to recognise. Anyone exposed to the toxic chemicals, can suffer long term health risks – in some cases, many years after the meth lab has been shut down. If you do suspect a property has been used to cook meth, bear in mind that local services and home inspectors offer testing and cleaning.

Here are 5 signs that a property is in need of a meth lab restoration.

1) Be Aware of Strong Odours

Meth labs have a distinctive scent. Some old homes can have a musty smell but if you get detect a scent like ammonia, rotten eggs or vinegar, this could be a clear indication that something is amiss. Strong odours like these are red flags when looking out for signs of a meth lab in any property, so it’s important to ask specific questions before you decide to buy or rent.

2) Note Filthy Dwellings

Meth labs are well known for not being the most hygienic of places. If a house is run-down or messy, this could be an indication that a meth lab was here prior. Deep stains on carpets and walls are also strong indicators that drug use has occurred in the home. Every home that’s messy may not be a meth house, however, you should always be wary if you do come across a residence that is extra dirty.


3) Ask Neighbours

Neighbours will have plenty of information if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Residents that have lived there for a while will most likely have important details about previous owners. Be sure to ask them if there’s been any known suspicious activities that could have taken place there, while taking note of any information that could raise any red flags that a meth lab was in operation in the property.


4) Visit The Police Station

Who’s more in the know of suspicious activity than the police? Local officers will have a lot of information that will give you an idea of what may have occurred in a property. They will possess all records of arrests, disturbances and criminal activities that could have taken place in the neighbourhood.

If there have been any drug-related incidences, be sure to check whether meth was involved. It could also be a good idea to check any online sources to help you discover how safe the neighbourhood is.

5) Be Suspicious of Low Prices

When it comes to looking for a property – low prices can be highly tempting – but if a price is too good to be true, it probably is. It’s important to remember not to dismiss every foreclosure or short sale as shady but if there’s a significantly low price on an exceptional property, it could be due to long term damage to the dwelling, caused by a meth lab. Be sure to do your own research into the history of the property so you know what you might be getting into.

Meth labs can occur anywhere across the country, with many likely to be undocumented. Be sure to keep your loved ones safe by keeping a look out for any of these crucial signs. If you’re looking for experienced, licensed and highly trained meth lab restoration in Adelaide, O’Shea’s is sure to provide professional and cost effective solutions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you in testing, remediating and restoring properties affected by methamphetamine manufacturing in Adelaide.

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