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Articles of interest re carpets, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, insurance restoration and other topics.

Top 7 Carpet Steam Cleaning Misconceptions

Have you had your carpets professionally steam cleaned recently? If not, you might be holding back due to a preconceived notion that steam cleaning is unnecessary, prohibitively expensive, or somehow... Read More

Top Carpet Care Mistakes To Avoid

Investing in a good quality carpet is not a cheap option, so once it is in place, it is very important to take good care of it. Regular vacuuming and... Read More

Benefits Of Using A Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Company

We all lead busy lives and from time to time, there are those jobs that are just better left to the professionals. Cleaning and scrubbing out the grouting and tiles... Read More

How Often Should You Get Professionals To Clean Your Carpets?

Carpets are an investment, as well as a large part of the aesthetic in your home. Cleaning them regularly will help to maintain their fresh look for longer, as well... Read More

Tips On Cleaning & Caring For Garden Pavers

Spring is here, and it is time to do some spring cleaning. We’re not just talking about the interior of your home, but  our outdoor garden pavers too. It could... Read More

Checklist for Cleaning up After a Storm & Flood Incident

Floods can be devastating; nobody wants to leave their home, unable to do anything while it gets wrecked – potentially. Although you may want to move straight back in and... Read More

Modern Carpet Trends To Lookout For

8 Modern Carpet Trends To Keep A Lookout For Carpeting is making a comeback with textures, shades and designs. It’s time to explore the freshest carpet trends to unleash the... Read More

Homemade DIY Tile and Grout Cleaners

The Best Homemade DIY Tile & Grout Cleaners Does your bathroom grout look as though it has been invaded by feisty fungi? Do the kitchen tiles need a good scrub?... Read More

Top 5 Tips On Getting The Most From Your Office Cleaners

Top 5 Tips On Getting The Most From Your Office Cleaners Do you enjoy working in a clean and tidy environment? The answer would most likely be a resounding ‘YES’!... Read More