Content and Restoration & Cleaning Services, Adelaide

Content and Restoration & Cleaning Services

Content and Restoration & Cleaning Services, Adelaide

Have you suffered fire or water damage? Call us 24/7 for emergency cleaning or for Content and Restoration & Cleaning Services on 83555727.

O’Shea’s are your Adelaide Content Restoration & Cleaning Services experts, providing top quality content restoration and restoration cleaning services that you can trust. Backed by over 29 years experience, the team at O’Shea’s will ensure that you receive the best content restoration cleaning service in Adelaide – so your life can go back to normal as soon as possible.

O’Shea’s highly skilled Adelaide contents restoration experts will determine the best techniques for treating your possessions, depending on the source and extent of the damage.

After a water or fire damage event securing your property is your number one priority. However, after your property has been secured you will need to assess a wide array of damaged personal items for insurance purposes. Some may be cheaper to replace than to restore. Some may be priceless.

We understand this is a difficult time for you, and we will make sure we look after every single item and possession you have. We will show you the respect you deserve. Don’t worry, O’Shea’s can restore all sorts of items.

Our Adelaide contents restoration services may include emergency pre-cleaning to determine what is cleanable on your property, or if further, more extensive content restoration methods are necessary.

Find out more about our Content Restoration & Cleaning Services below.

What is the contents restoration process?

O’Shea’s Adelaide contents restoration specialist will meet with you to identify and prioritise the items you need restored, and the estimation process for the restoration to commence on behalf of your insurance company.

Each piece of personal property is inventoried to keep track of it during cleaning and storage. Items are wrapped, packed and taken to our contents restoration facility. At the facility, items are sorted as to how they will be cleaned.

Ultrasonic technology is typically used to remove microscopic particles of soot and other debris. Items that are too delicate for the ultrasonic cleaning machines are hand-cleaned.

Our generators remove odours and any mould that may still be present at the cellular level. After cleaning, the contents are stored in a climate-controlled environment until they can be returned to you.

Adelaide’s leading Contents Restoration Service

Our contents restoration service is a holistic service that includes both fire and flood restoration of your possessions. Our expert technicians are on standby 24/7 to commence the restoration process. This is of huge benefit because the sooner the contents restoration service has commenced, the less chance of lasting or severe damage to your belongings.

We will also liaise with insurance companies, loss assessors and loss adjusters in order to help you work through your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. O’Shea’s make the process as smooth and easy for you at a stressful time such as after a flood or fire.

O’Shea’s Organisation will also source experts on your behalf and the insurance company to complete restoration on certain precious items if significantly damaged. We understand that some belongings are irreplaceable for sentimental reasons and that is why try to go above and beyond to repair them as best we can.

Soft Contents Restoration

The major issue with soft contents like clothing, shoes, blankets, laundry etc. is that they hold odour. For these items our technicians will put them through an expertly created odour neutralisation and removal process using a number of technologies and techniques.

We aim to remove unpleasant odours from entire rooms and buildings if required. Whilst our process removes the odours it also decontaminates and treats the air in the building.

Post Contents Restoration

Once the contents restoration service has been completed our expert restoration experts will provide you and your insurance company or loss adjusters with evidence of the work we have completed. Including a full inventory list and photos of the contents. The inventory list will include, if applicable, the quantity and make/model of the items. This is done to document the process and keep track of all contents being restored.

If any items were damaged beyond repair, they will be assessed by your insurance company, valued and settled. O’Shea’s contents restoration service will make the process as easy as possible for you.

Temperature Controlled Off-Site Storage

In the event of a disaster O’Shea’s are capable of storing your contents off-site. This facility is secure and in a controlled environment. By storing the items in this way, it stops any secondary damage from taking place. O’ Shea’s facility is protected from temperature changes and humidity, both of which would potentially further damage the already affected items.

Why choose O’Shea’s?

O’Shea’s has built a solid reputation as the Adelaide Content and Restoration & Cleaning Services experts.

We are locally owned and operated, and we only use fully trained technicians for all of our services. Our team is committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring that you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

O’Shea’s, take pride in our high standards of work and after-sales service, we are able to:

  • Offer flexible appointment times
  • Assist at short notice
  • Complete multiple services so you don’t have to make several phone calls to book all the jobs you need
  • Negotiate pricing for commercial customers
  • Liaise with insurance companies

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