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We have an asthmatic in the family. Should we pull up all our carpets?

A well maintained carpet will act as a filter for your indoor air. Regular vacuuming with a good quality upright vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will keep dust levels... Read More

Can you guarantee to remove all stains?

No. Some stains are permanent. The carpet fibres may be damaged or the dyes may have been damaged or changed. We are fully trained in spot removal procedures, so we... Read More

Why do my carpets get dirty again / spots re-appear soon after cleaning?

Have you ever cleaned a spot on your carpet and had it return? Have you had your carpet cleaned and had the spots just “come right back”? Why does that... Read More

Do you use chemicals that are safe, and will not harm my family or pets?

Our cleaning agents are quite safe, and environmentally friendly. Some of our spotting agents need careful handling, but they are always neutralized and thoroughly rinsed out, to ensure there will... Read More

Do I have to stay home while you clean?

No. Some of our clients pay us before we start, then leave, and let us to close the house when we finish. Some go out and do some shopping while... Read More

How soon can we replace the furniture?

Any furniture that has been removed from the room for the cleaning is best left off for 24hours. Any furniture that has exposed timber or metal touching the carpet while... Read More

Will getting my carpets or upholstery steam cleaned remove or destroy any stain resist treatment?

The built-in protection on Stainmaster carpets CAN be damaged by incorrect cleaning agents. Lower priced cleaners may use harsh chemicals to speed up the cleaning job, but they can also... Read More

Do I have to move my furniture?

For the best results you should move as much furniture as possible, this allows us to clean from wall to wall. If you are vacating a property you should arrange... Read More

There is blood on my carpet will you remove it?

This depends on how quickly the blood was mopped up [some medicatiosn that are present in the blood stream can also affect this]. When b lood is on the carpet... Read More

I have a red wine stain, will you remove it?

This depends on how quickly the stains was mopped up after spilling. We have the correct equipment and stain removal agents to treat these stains effectively, however we cannot guarantee... Read More