Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can walk on them straight away. Your carpets will only be slightly damp after cleaning. You can walk on them as long as your shoes are clean. However, for the very best results restrict unnecessary traffic until the carpet is dry. Be careful when you walk from carpeted areas onto hard floors eg. Tiles, lino, timber etc as this can be very slippery. Keep your feet flat and take small steps. You could also place a white towel or drop sheet to step onto as you come off of the carpeted area [be careful using towels that are coloured as there could be some dye transfer].
No. Some stains are permanent. The carpet fibres may be damaged or the dyes may have been damaged or changed. We are fully trained in spot removal procedures, so we can treat the mark, and often get some improvement, but some stains will not respond to any treatment. We can clean carpets but we cannot make them new again.
Yes, but only when applied according to manufacturers instruction by a trained applicator. These products are an effective way to prolong soil and stain resistance and enhance carpet performance. For further information discuss your needs with your technician.
For the best results you should move as much furniture as possible, this allows us to clean from wall to wall. If you are vacating a property you should arrange to have the carpet cleaned after all of the furntiture has been removed. If you are not vacating the property we understand that it is not always practical or possible to remove all of the furniture, but we reccomend the following:
  • All small items are picked up and removed eg. Toys, shoes etc
  • All curtains are tucked away from the carpet
  • All bedding is tucked away from the carpet
  • If beds are on roller we will push them back and forward, if not we will go as far underneath them as possible
  • We will clean around large items such as TV cabinets
We do not allow enough time to move every customers furniture. However, as a matter of courtesy and as long as the request is reasonable and not too time consuming, we are happy to shift one or two things here or there to help, particulalry if the customer is unable to do it themselves. Please remember the technician will be on his own and he will have to refuse to move anything that could cause him an injury or any request that is deemed unreasonable. If large amounts of furniture need ot be moved this will need to be prearranged and there will be a charge.
No. Some of our clients pay us before we start, then leave, and let us to close the house when we finish. Some go out and do some shopping while the cleaning is being done, and return before we finish, we can even ring you on your mobile half an hour before we finish so you can return before we leave [if you decide to go out during the clean we will require payment before you leave, just in case you are held up]. Many people just enjoy the excuse to relax and read a magazine or a book, or do some gardening! If you do go out please ensure we have your mobile phone number! If you are not present at all during the clean eg. the property is empty and you leave a key for us, we will require payment before we start. The easiest way to arrange this is to have your mobile phone so that we can call you and confirm the final price when we see the property before we start cleaning. Then you can pay for the cleaning on credit card over the phone. If we do not get a payment before we start we cannot go ahead with the cleaning.
Our cleaning agents are quite safe, and environmentally friendly. Some of our spotting agents need careful handling, but they are always neutralized and thoroughly rinsed out, to ensure there will be no harm to your family or pets. All of the detergents we used are professionally made and tested, we have the MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheets] for all of them. We do not make or ‘create’ or our own detergents or mix them up in the back of our vans. We take great care to make sure you have the cleanest, healthiest carpets.
No, neither method damages carpets if it is used correctly - this is why you should make sure the carpet cleaner you choose has been properly trained and accredited.
When cleaning carpet, it is highly recommended that drying occur within six to eight hours or less: however, drying time should not exceed 24 hours. However, occupant cooperation is needed to expedite drying- this is VERY IMPORTANT. They may take longer if your carpets had heavy soiling or stains as extra cleaning may have been needed. They can also take a bit longer in winter. Things you can do to expedite drying include:
  • Open as many windows and doors
  • Use ceiling fans on high on the summer setting
  • Use pedestal fans
  • When the sun goes down you may wish to close up the house and use heating to continue the drying process
Sometimes these are self correcting or can be assisted with vacuuming and a light brushing. In extreme cases the indentation can be covered with a damp towel and carefully steamed with an iron for a few seconds followed by brushing while warm to bring up the pile, there are however limitations and in some cases the indentation is permanent. The weight of the items that have left the indentations will have a large bearing on the results will achieve eg. heavy wardrobes, water beds and such items will generally leave permanent indentations.
To protect your investment and your health, carpets need to be professionally cleaned each year right from the beginning. You wouldn't run your car for five years without regular servicing and expect it to perform like new. Your carpets are the same, you must service them regularly from day one for optimum performance. When cleaned and maintained correctly carpet life is significantly extended. We recommend that your carpets are cleaned every six months in a domestic situation and more often in a commercial property. Remember, even when carpets don't appear to be particularly dirty, it's the unseen soils, bacteria and allergens that cause the real damage both to your carpets and to your personal health.