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Can I walk on my carpets straight away?

Yes, you can walk on them straight away. Your carpets will only be slightly damp after cleaning. You can walk on them as long as your shoes are clean. However,... Read More

Do carpet/upholstery protectors work?

Yes, but only when applied according to manufacturers instruction by a trained applicator. These products are an effective way to prolong soil and stain resistance and enhance carpet performance. For... Read More

How often should I clean my carpets?

To protect your investment and your health, carpets need to be professionally cleaned each year right from the beginning. You wouldn’t run your car for five years without regular servicing... Read More

What should I do if my room is flooded?

Firstly address, if possible, the source of the water, obviously until this is resolved water will continue to flood your carpet. Then, if safe to do so, turn off electricity... Read More

What should I expect to pay for carpet and/or upholstery cleaning?

There is no fixed price for carpet and upholstery cleaning and average prices vary from State to State. Bear in mind that it is a labour intensive job and be... Read More

I think I may have carpet beetle, what do they look like?

Carpet beetles resemble ladybirds but are smaller. The beetle flies in, lays its eggs on the carpet & generally flies out. It is the lava that do the damage by... Read More

I have just had my carpet cleaned and there is a terrible odour, where is it coming from?

Old pet stains are normally the culprit. It is impossible to remove urine by normal cleaning and while there may be no visible evidence of a stain, the urine oxidises... Read More

How do I remove indentations from furniture in my carpet?

Sometimes these are self correcting or can be assisted with vacuuming and a light brushing. In extreme cases the indentation can be covered with a damp towel and carefully steamed... Read More

Why have I got dark grey or brown lines under doors, curtains and along the edges of stairs?

Filtration soiling is the accumulation of airborne soil – dust, smog, tobacco smoke and other pollutants – where airflow is concentrated and directed over or through carpet pile. The carpet... Read More

Will cleaning remove the natural lanolin from my wool carpet?

No, there are little or no natural oils left in the wool fibre when it is made into carpet [generally less than 5%]. The fibre goes through a process known... Read More