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Is the carpet left very wet?

No, the carpet will feel damp and cold but should be dry enough to walk on, however it is best to restrict unnecessary traffic until the carpet dries. The technician... Read More

Does Cleaning shrink or damage carpet?

No, neither method damages carpets if it is used correctly – this is why you should make sure the carpet cleaner you choose has been properly trained and accredited.... Read More

Which is the best method to clean my carpets?

The skill of the operator is more important than the method of cleaning. A properly trained professional technician will return a better result regardless of the method of cleaning used.... Read More

What is the standard drying time when carpet is cleaned?

When cleaning carpet, it is highly recommended that drying occur within six to eight hours or less: however, drying time should not exceed 24 hours. However, occupant cooperation is needed... Read More

I have bleach spots on my carpet. How do I get the color back in my carpet without doing more damage ?

Chlorine bleach potentially does two things to nylon carpet fiber. First, it removes color – that’s obvious. Second, it may damage the polymer dye sites, depending on how concentrated it... Read More