Pigeon, Bird and Pest Control Adelaide

Are you in Adelaide and need to remove pigeons and get rid of other pests from your commercial or residential property or clean up any pigeon poo from your property ?

Do you have pigeons, feral cats, foxes, rabbits or the like making a mess at your home or business? O’Shea’s pest and pigeon removal and eradication service can assist. We can permanently remove the pest then clean up the excrement (pigeon poo).

What do our Pigeon, Bird and Pest Control services include?

We remove pigeons, pest birds, rabbits, feral cats, foxes, rabbits and the like in Adelaide and surrounding areas.

We have all the relevant licences to get rid of pigeons and other pests and will notify the necessary parties (primarily SAPOL) on your behalf. We shoot and remove the carcasses and can clean up the mess too. We can also provide bird proofing to your home, so that they don’t come back!

Our specialised drying equipment

Not only is pigeon waste unsightly and unpleasant, pigeon droppings and other bird fouling are indeed unsanitary, and detrimental to the health of you and your friends and family and your customers.

View the health implications at the SA Health department website. O’Shea’s are able to provide a complete Bio Waste and Pigeon Waste Removal and Clean Up service. Whether it is pigeon poo removal, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning or pressure cleaning, O’Shea’s can assist and will have you back to normal in no time!

Why should you choose O’Shea’s?

With over 30 years of experience under our belts, O’Shea’s has built a reputation as one of the best in Adelaide when it comes to flood and water damage restoration.

We are South Australian owned and operated, and we only use fully trained technicians for all of our services. Our team is committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Here at O’Shea’s, we take pride in the high standard of our work and after-sales service, and we are also able to:

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