5 Common Causes of Damaged Carpets

Damaged Carpet Causes
As homeowners, we all want a carpet that can last forever however, even the most durable and reliable product can eventually become worn out. Not only are carpets pleasant to walk on, they tie the room together, and they enhance the overall look of your interior. If there is damage done to your carpet, it can mean the need for a new carpet sooner rather than later. Here are the 5 most common reasons of carpet damage.

1) Dirt

Dirt, mud and grime are prime reasons why some carpets do not last as long as they should. Professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide come across dirt all year round, causing stains and discolouring to your carpet, if left alone. Dirt build-up tracked in by shoes throughout the seasons, can work its way into carpet fibres, causing irreparable lasting damage.

2) Furniture

Heavy furniture is most likely to cause long-term damage to your carpet’s back-weave and fibres. A dining table for example, will leave permanent dents in the carpet, while heavier furniture can eventually create holes in your carpet that can sometimes be repaired with patchwork or sewing.

3) Spills & Stains

Spills from beverages with a high acid content like red wine, coffee and soda can permanently stain a carpet, if it’s not dealt with immediately. Chemical spills on the other hand, can discolour and damage a carpet rapidly without any chance of it being fixed regardless of the cleaning mixture you use. In these cases, homeowners are forced to tolerate the long-lasting stains and damage until they’re ready to install a new carpet.

4) Odours

Exposure to pungent odours for an extended period of time can increase the chances of the scent to work its way permanently into your carpet. This can be evident in the dwellings of a smoker or cat owner who don’t regularly use air fresheners or odour removal products. These odours will become a permanent part of your flooring if ignored and will remain so, until the carpet is replaced.

5) Pets

Common household pets such as cats and dogs are regular culprits of scratching and ripping carpets inside the home. These furious episodes on a regular habitual basis can lead to serious wear and tear that can eventually result in large rips and holes.

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