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Mould can be toxic, so if you have noticed mould growing in your home or office here in Adelaide, you will need to seek mould remediation services. Fortunately, O’Shea’s is able to help. We can remediate mould and prevent it from returning, so you can enjoy your space with complete peace of mind.

Mould remediation: A professional approach to treating mould

Our team is qualified and experienced in treating mould. What kind is it? Is it dormant or still active? To begin, we apply an air sampling technique to determine what we’re dealing with. Once that has been assessed, we are able to determine our approach.

Some mould infestations require ozone treatment, while others call for biocides and anti-microbials. Our team is fully trained to know when each of these approaches is necessary, and we are also equipped to do it all ourselves.

As part of our mould remediation services, we will decontaminate the mould, remove it, and clean the affected areas. If the contents of your home or office have been affected by the mould, we can make a recommendation as to whether they can be cleaned or if they should be disposed of.

Finally, to ensure that the mould is truly gone, we are able to test and confirm via air sampling. We also recommend that mould prevention paint be applied to the reclaimed areas to ensure that the mould will not return in a hurry.

Do you need mould remediation services?

In most homes and businesses, small amounts of mould can be cleaned up easily without you having to call in the professionals. However, if you have discovered mould that is covering a large area of your home – roughly one metre square or more – then it is important to get the experts in for the job.

Particularly if the occupants of your home or business are asthmatic, mould can give off toxic spores or vapours, resulting in hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, as well as asthma or flu-like symptoms. Buildings that have been flooded or areas that have had prolonged mould build-up should also be thoroughly inspected and cleaned by a professional, using the right products and equipment.

Why should you choose O’Shea’s?

With 27 years of experience under our belts, O’Shea’s has built a solid reputation for providing excellent mould remediation services here in Adelaide. We are locally owned and operated, and only use fully trained technicians for all of our services. Our team is committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Here at O’Shea’s, we take pride in the high standard of our work and after sales service, and we are also able to:

  • Offer flexible appointment times
  • Assist at short notice
  • Complete multiple services so you don’t have to make several phone calls to book all the jobs you need
  • Remove difficult stains
  • Negotiate pricing for commercial customers

If you’re suffering from mould growth and need mould remediation services, look no further than O’Shea’s. Contact us today at 08 8355 5727 to organise a quote. With our thorough approach to getting rid of your mould problem for good, you will be resting easy in no time!

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