Mould remediation by OSheasMould Remediation, Treatment & Prevention, Adelaide

Mould can be toxic, so if you’ve noticed it growing in your home or office, give O’SHEA’S a call for mould remediation. We can remediate mould and prevent it from returning.

Professional Approach to Treat Mould

Our team is qualified and experienced in treating mould. What kind is it? Is it dormant or still active? We apply an air sampling technique to determine what we’re dealing with. Then, we determine our approach.

Some mould infestations require Ozoneing, others call for biocides and anti-microbials. Our team is fully trained to know when they’re necessary, and we can do it all ourselves.

We decontaminate the mould, remove it, and clean the affected areas. If contents of your home or office are affected by the mould, we can recommend whether they be clean or disposed of.

Then, we recommend a mould prevention paint be applied to reclaimed areas to insure the mould won’t return in a hurry!

Air Sampling after Mould Remediation

Finally, to make sure the mould is gone, we confirm via air sampling. You can rest easy knowing that O’SHEA’S thorough approach with get rid of your mould problem – for good!

If you’re suffering from mould growth and need mould remediation, contact O’SHEA’S today to organise a quote on 83 555 727

For a solution to mould you can rely on, think O’SHEA’S – to be sure!