Roof Cleaning & High Access Cleaner, Adelaide

Roof cleaning and high access cleaning

Cleaning a roof takes a great deal of time and effort. It can also be very dangerous, which is why you should always call in a professional for the job. At O’Shea’s, we are experienced high access cleaners, providing our clients with quality roof cleaning services that they can trust, right here in Adelaide.
If you need some help with your roof cleaning, give O’Shea’s a call. Our use of experienced high access cleaners help to ensure a roof clean that you will be satisfied with, and we can also clean your solar panels, windows, tracks and screens both inside and out.

Why do you need roof cleaning?

A dirty roof will do more than just impact on your home’s overall presentation; it can actually damage your roof. Besides the usual dirt and debris, other elements that could dirty your roof include:


The black stains that you sometimes see on your roof are caused by a type of algae that feeds off of the asphalt and limestone in your roof shingles. In areas where there is minimal light, this type of algae becomes a blue-green colour.


Lichen is basically a combination of algae and fungus, and can be tough to remove from your roof. It is a plant-like organism with root-like tentacles that penetrate deep into your roof shingles.


Unlike algae and lichen, moss is an actual plant with a shallow root system. It requires a lot of moisture to survive, which is why it tends to grow in between roof shingles or other areas with less sunlight. On roof shingles, moss can cause the edges to lift or curl.

The presence of algae, lichen and moss, not to mention the stains caused by them, can damage your roof shingles and even cause wood rot. This can lead to expensive repairs and significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof. Regular roof cleaning will not only minimise damage caused by algae, lichen and moss, it will also save you money in the long run.

Why should you choose O’Shea’s?

With 27 years of experience under our belts, O’Shea’s has built a solid reputation for providing excellent roof cleaning services here in Adelaide. We are locally owned and operated, and only use fully trained high access cleaners for all of our services. Our team is committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of customer service possible.
Here at O’Shea’s, we take pride in the high standard of our work and after sales service, and we are also able to:

  • Offer flexible appointment times
  • Assist at short notice
  • Complete multiple services so you don’t have to make several phone calls to book all the jobs you need
  • Remove difficult stains
  • Negotiate pricing for commercial customers

Do you need an experienced roof cleaner for your office or home? Contact us today at 08 8355 5727 to organise a free quote. Also, check out our other residential cleaning services, as well as our flood and water damage cleaning and restoration services.



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