Flotex is the floor covering of choice for many health and aged care facilities because of it’s attractive appearance and long wearing capabilities.

Where Flotex is used it is important that you make yourself aware of the particular cleaning requirements of Flotex.

Flotex is not like other carpeting materials. Firstly, it has an impermeable backing and very low pile height.  Accordingly, air does not pass through Flotex when vacuuming with a standard vacuum cleaner and much of the dirt is left to accumulate in the carpet. The only way that the dirt can be effectively removed is with an electric powerhead, combined with powerful airflow.

O’Shea’s are fully accredited Flotex carpet cleaners and our professional cleaners will use the most effective methods designed to ensure we remove the ingrained soil and the ever-present surface lint from linen and human hair.

When your carpets are clean, keep them clean with our range of carpet cleaning products.

Distribution of Karndean Cleaning products: Flotex Carpet Cleaning Clean-It and Flotex Fix-It

Flotex Carpet Cleaning

O’Shea’s are the only approved South Australian Agents for Karndean Design Flooring Cleaning Products and Flotex Carpet Cleaning.

Professional Flotex Carpet Cleaning

Flotex Clean-It is specially formulated not to leave any residual chemical behind and contains 20 times less chemical shampoo than a normal carpet detergent. Flotex Clean-It also acts as an extreme wetting agent enabling the treated water to flush out soiling on Flotex’s super dense pile faster and far more efficiently.

Flotex Fix-It is specially formulated to speedily neutralise and remove residual (traditional) detergents and chemicals due to faulty or incorrect cleaning. In such cases Flotex Fix-It acts as an excellent restorative cleaning agent

Flotex is not like other carpets and where Flotex is used it is important that you ensure that it is cleaned and maintained as per Karndeans instructions. Flotex flooring should only be cleaned by a professional who has been trained by Karndean International and who is experienced with Flotex flooring and only approved products should be used during cleaning.

For any questions, prices or to order Flotex Clean-It and/ or Flotex Fix-It contact us at O’Shea’s on 83555727 or  osheas@osheas.com.au

For a professional Flotex Carpet Cleaning, with a truly friendly team – contact O’SHEA’S to be sure!

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