Structural Drying Experts Adelaide

Structural Drying Experts Adelaide

Structural Drying Experts Adelaide

Call Adelaide Structural Drying experts now for a free quote on specialised Water Damage & Flood Restoration 08 8355 5727.

Adelaide Structural Drying experts using the Latest Technology for most major insurance companies and surveyors for 30 years and are a recognised name in the water restoration industry for this specialist service.

O’Sheas have invested heavily in the latest drying technology, training and equipment for water damaged properties. Our technicians have been sent on various industry training courses to ensure we can offer the best solution for each type of water loss.

With the knowledge we have and our extensive training, O’Sheas have dried many water damaged properties. Nothing is impossible for our experts, so please call for a free no obligation free quotation today.

Most companies in the Structural Drying restoration and water damage restoration industries are mostly just concerned with drying out carpets and other floor coverings.

O’Sheas have significant experience in the treatment of structural water damage, like mould, damage to electronics infrastructure, and other health risks

We provide a swift response service using fully trained Water Damage Restoration Technicians and Structural Drying Teams to attend affected sites in order to:

  • Determine the leak, or flow of water with other specialists
  • Determine the class of water & class of loss, & assess risk.
  • Provide the correct equipment; refrigerant or low grain dehumidifiers, desiccants, suction pumps etc.
  • Remove, protect or save valuable & sentimental items & perishables.
  • Remove the bulk of the water or swiftly remove sitting water.
  • Dry floors, sub flooring, carpets, walls, ceilings, frame work, units, doors.
  • Organise specialist drying of books, manuscripts and documents.
  • Provide professional certification of dryness upon completion.
  • Manage the drying project & work with both the client and the insurance companies.

Why Use Our Adelaide Structural Drying Services?

Water can soak internally more than 20 centimetres into porous (hygroscopic) building materials like drywall construction, and even concrete supports, flooring & framework in as little as 8 hours.

Water can collect and hide in expected places after a flood, like bottom sill plates of walls and doors. There might even be several layers of different materials that are soaked. Nowadays property owners need to think about thoroughly drying the entire structure.

Adelaide experts in Advanced Structural Drying Methods

With the help of our in-house professionals O’Sheas can apply advanced structural drying methods to any building or area, from the smallest residential unit to the largest commercial warehouse. Immediate and thorough drying is necessary to help prevent excess mould growth and long-term health hazards. O’Sheas will also eliminate musty odours and save thousands in reconstruction costs with our professional structural drying equipment.

Our expert Adelaide structural drying and restoration solutions are performed with the latest structural during equipment using our qualified staff aimed at returning the flooded area to its pre-damage condition with minimum repair or refurbishment required.

We often get asked how we are able to dry voids and insulation under the floor and in walls, as many builders and drying contractors don’t have the specialist drying knowledge required. In fact, we often find those who are inexperienced remove floors and walls unnecessarily.

Because we are the Adelaide structural drying experts, we use various systems to extract moisture. Vacuum systems and high-pressure drying are most commonly used. These work by forcing hot, dry air into cavities/voids and insulation, enabling us to dry these areas with minimum disruption and saving our customers money.

Call the Adelaide Structural Drying experts now for a free quote on specialised Water Damage & Flood Restoration 08 8355 5727.

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