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Are you in Adelaide, South Australia? Do you need experienced, sensitive and timely trauma, crime scene cleaners?

At O’Shea’s we sincerely hope that our customers do not have circumstances that lead to the need to use these services, however we recognise that these challenges do happen and we ensure you that all of our staff are sensitive, professional, experienced and discreet when dealing with these situations thanks to nearly three decades of cleaning trauma and crime scenes in Adelaide.

What do our crime scene, forensic and trauma cleaning services include?

O’Shea’s experienced cleaners know that a crime scene, death, and trauma is distressing enough without having to worry about cleaning up. Our team of experienced technicians have the necessary training to remediate these delicate situations in a very discreet and professional manner. Whether the incident has occurred in your home or business, we are able to quickly assess the situation and begin the clean-up promptly restoring your property to a safe environment and eliminating any health risks or further trauma for family members/staff.

Our Specialised Method – Why you need trained and experienced cleaners in these situations.

Crime scenes are messy and dirty, but most importantly, they are dangerous. Immediately cleaning it up will put you in the safest and best position moving forward. Blood and other bodily fluids can carry diseases for very long times, putting the inhabitants of the building at risk. Professional cleaners will quickly clean up any hazards and effectively prevent any problems associated with improper and inaccurate cleaning. Hepatitis and HIV are two of the possible diseases that could be contracted from a crime or trauma scene; the sooner the bodily fluids are removed and the crime scene is cleaned up, the safer you and everyone else will be.

Why should you choose O’Shea’s?

For nearly three decades, O’Shea’s has offered cleaning services ranging from remediating meth labs to insurance cleaning. Our team has been involved in countless clean-ups, often requiring a combination of knowledge from different cleaning services, and as a result can deal with any crime or trauma scene cleaning that is required.

We understand the difficulties of these situations and often help families and businesses through the toughest of times. Our knowledgeable and experienced cleaners are real people who will do everything they can to make this time as easy as possible by working as discreetly and sensitively as they can.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year with trained teams ready to help. This speed, combined with the experience and discretion of our cleaners, is why O’Shea’s is the best choice in Adelaide for crime scene, trauma or after death clean-ups.

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