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O’Shea’s have been helping our domestic, commercial and industrial customers with Builders and Construction cleaning for over 30 years. Whether it’s a home renovation, new build or large commercial or industrial project, O’Shea’s can assist.

We have the capacity to work alongside you during large construction projects or we can come in at the end to tidy things up, whatever your Building or Construction cleaning needs are, at O’Shea’s we have you covered.O’Shea’s have been offering cleaning and property services to aged care, retirement homes and nursing homes for many years now. There has never been a time that the care, support, kindness, understanding, cleaning and disinfecting our aged care community receives has been so important and in some instances critical to the health and well being of our aged care community.

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Specialised Building and Construction Site Cleaning Services

O’Shea’s stands ready to support your building and construction site cleaning needs with a comprehensive range of services tailored to your requirements.

Whether you need daily cleaning and sanitising to maintain a safe and hygienic environment, or periodic services such as post-construction cleanup, debris removal, or specialised cleaning tasks like window washing and deep cleaning, O’Shea’s has the expertise and resources to assist you.

We understand the unique challenges of construction sites and are committed to delivering efficient and effective cleaning solutions to ensure a clean and safe working environment for your team.

Building & Construction Site Cleaning Services Include

Interested in using our services?

Simply call or email and request a quote. We will arrange for one of our experienced Business Development Managers to meet with you, at a time that suits you, to get a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements.

We will then develop a proposal and quote based on your exact and specific needs, developed to offer you the best value and the best results.

If you proceed with our proposal we will arrange a site supervisor, support team and trained and experienced cleaners to keep you satisfied and your needs met at all times

We are always available to support you, you can call us 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, and we will always ensure there is someone available to support you.

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