Flood & Water Damage Restoration & Cleaning Services, Adelaide

Food and Water damage cleaning services

Have you suffered flood or water damage? Call us for emergency cleaning.

Call O’Shea’s now for a free quote on your Water Damage & Flood Restoration 08 8355 5727.

Have you suffered flood or water damage due to a storm or burst pipes? Whatever your situation, we can help!

We offer 24/7 emergency services to clean and restore your property. We can attend your property, assess the damage, provide general cleaning and carpet cleaning services as well as removal of rubbish and restoration.

We have large industrial blowers for drying out large areas and can help with restoration of those carpets.

We are fully equipped to assist and our range of equipment includes:

  • Airmovers – Assist with drying by blowing high volumes of air
  • Dehumidifiers – Assist with drying by removing moisture from the air
  • Water Extraction – Portable & Truck Mounted Units work by extracting large amounts of water from the flooded surfaces.
  • Moisture Detection Instruments – These instruments detect moisture on any floor surface and behind walls and ceilings our instruments will also measure humidity and temperature levels.
  • Ozone Machines – Used to purify the air, often used for sewage water damage restoration, odour removal, and mould removal.
  • Thermo Fogging Machines – Used to apply anti- bacterial treatments
  • Air scrubbers – Please note:-
    If flood water is left untreated, it can cause major damage to your home and its contents and mould growth will eventually set in. When flooding occurs to your home immediate professional treatment is key to preventing any further damage and any mould outbreaks. In most cases, we are able to fully restore your flooded carpets back to pristine condition and save your home from any structural damage.

We can help with insurance claims as well.

For any Water Damage & Flood Restoration work or just a professional clean, with a truly friendly team –  contact O’SHEA’S 08 8355 5727.


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