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Solar Panel Cleaning

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Do you need your solar panels cleaned? Dirty and soiled solar panels will, over time, decrease the efficiency of your system. The amount of sunlight your panels are exposed will be reduced as dirt, grime and bird foulings build up.  Solar Panel Cleaning will make sure your panels are working effectively and efficiently and can extend the life of the panels.  Don’t pay more for your electricity because your solar panels are dirty and not allowing the panels to work at their most efficient rate.

Solar panels are a lifelong investment, however having dirty panels means things like dirt, grime, bird droppings and other debris cover your panels and stop the sun’s rays from getting to them. As a result not only will your electricity bills will slowly creep back up but the acidity of the bird droppings (pigeon in particular) could cause further more permanent damage to your solar panels. Protect your investment and have your solar panels professionally cleaned by the team at O’SHEA’S .

The O’SHEA’S team have extensive knowledge in Solar Panel cleaning, and understand that no harsh chemicals or heavy/bulky equipment should be used when cleaning solar panels, as even the smallest scratch or dent on a solar panel can affect its performance. Instead O’SHEA’S use, environmentally friendly products that support your choice to go green. They use industry approved cleaning equipment that won’t damage or scratch your panels.

The O’SHEA’S team are also:

  • Trained in professional outdoor cleans and other maintenance jobs such as gutter-cleans.
  • Have working with heights licence
  • Can navigate around the roof of a house or building without damage

All costs are put together on a written quote basis and take into consideration how many levels your home or building has and how many panels are included in the job.

Commercial, Industrial or Residential Properties Solar Panel Cleaning

We clean all types of solar panels from large industrial units,  solar panels on commercial properties and domestic and residential systems as well.

Our team of experienced cleaners are equipped for high access to deliver great results.

If you are having your solar panels cleaned you might also want to think about having your roof and windows cleaned at the same time. Solar panel and roof cleaning can be messy, let us combine cleaning options for a great result.

For a professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service, with a truly friendly team – contact O’SHEA’S to be sure.


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