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Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar panels are a great way to save money and the environment, but unless they are cleaned regularly, you may run into some problems that may be detrimental to your lifelong investment. At O’Shea’s, our team of highly qualified and experienced solar panel cleaners are committed to providing you a professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance service, while adhering to the highest possible safety standards.

Why do you need to clean your solar panels?

Naturally, being on the outside of your home, your solar panels are subject to being quite dirty. When they are regularly subjected to the different elements, the amount of debris and dirt they pick up can decrease the output and efficiency of your system, and in some cases, damage them to the point where they would be in need of costly repairs. This includes the accumulation of dust, dirt, moss, leaves, bird droppings, tree debris and industrial pollutants.
It is important for your solar panels to be well-maintained and cleaned in order for its lifespan to be increased and to ensure it always runs at its maximum capability. This is where our team of solar panel cleaners at O’Shea’s are able to share our expertise in optimising the energy production of your home’s solar panels.

Benefits of professional solar panel cleaning

To ensure that you get the best possible returns on the solar panels installed on your property, it is essential that you treat these sensitive panels with care. Our solar panel cleaning service will help ensure your panels are working effectively and efficiently. Here’s a list of reasons why it’s best to have the professional solar panel cleaners come in:

  • Increase the lifespan of your investment
  • Maximise energy production
  • Protect your solar panels from harsh chemicals
  • Superior clean with industry-approved cleaning equipment
  • Qualified and insured tradespeople
  • Highest safety standards applied as compared to an untrained cleaner with no insurance
  • Instant quote provided

Protect your investment and have your solar panels professionally cleaned by the team at O’Shea’s.

Properties we service

Residential properties
• Houses (single or multi-level)
• Units
• Townhouses

Commercial properties
• Offices
• Multi-level buildings
• Business parks
• Function Centres

Industrial properties
• Warehouses
• Production facilities

We are equipped to clean all types of solar panels, from large industrial units, solar panels on commercial properties, and domestic and residential systems as well.

Choose O’Shea’s solar panel cleaning service

With over 28 years of experience, the team at O’Shea’s have extensive knowledge in solar panel cleaning; using only environmentally-friendly products that support your choice to go green. Located in Adelaide, we are trained in professional outdoor cleans, and other high access maintenance jobs such as roof cleaning, so you can rest assured that we are skilled in navigating around the roof of a house or building without damage. All costs are put together on a written quote basis and take into consideration how many levels your home or building has and how many panels are included in the job.

Contact us today at 08 8355 5727 to organise a free quote. With our thorough approach to cleaning your solar panels, you will be resting easy in no time!

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