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Are you in Adelaide and in need of professional biohazard cleaning and remediation services? Whether it’s hoarder cleaning, crime scene cleanup, or dealing with a deceased estate, O’Shea’s is here to help 24/7. 

Biohazard situations require immediate attention and expert handling. At O’Shea’s, we understand the sensitive nature of these situations and provide comprehensive biohazard cleaning and remediation services with professionalism and discretion.

Biohazard Cleaning

Our biohazard cleaning services in Adelaide cover a range of situations, including blood spills, bodily fluids, and hazardous waste cleanup.

With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols, our trained technicians provide thorough decontamination and restoration, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Crime Scene Cleaners I Trauma Cleaners

O’Shea’s specialises in crime scene cleanup and trauma cleaning services in Adelaide, offering prompt and professional assistance during challenging times.

Our compassionate team handles the cleanup and decontamination of crime scenes with sensitivity and expertise, restoring affected areas to a safe and sanitary condition.

Hoarder Cleaning Services

O’Shea’s offers compassionate and discreet hoarder cleaning services in Adelaide, helping individuals and families reclaim their living spaces from clutter and hazardous materials.

With our experienced team, we ensure thorough cleaning and sanitisation, restoring safety and comfort to your home.

Deceased Estate

In the event of a deceased estate, O’Shea’s provides compassionate and discreet cleaning services in Adelaide, assisting families with the cleanup and restoration of properties.

Our experienced team ensures thorough cleaning and sanitisation, respecting the privacy and dignity of the deceased and their loved ones.

Sewage Cleanup Services Adelaide

Sewage backups and spills require immediate attention to prevent health hazards and property damage.

O’Shea’s offers prompt and reliable sewage cleanup services in Adelaide, addressing the source of contamination and restoring affected areas to a safe and sanitary condition.

Clandestine Meth Laboratory Restoration

O’Shea’s specialises in clandestine meth lab restoration services in Adelaide, providing comprehensive cleanup and decontamination of properties affected by methamphetamine production.

With our experienced team and advanced equipment, we ensure thorough remediation and restoration, ensuring a safe and habitable environment.

Covid-19 Cleaning

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, O’Shea’s offers professional Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection services in Adelaide, helping businesses and facilities maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

Our trained technicians follow strict protocols and use EPA-approved disinfectants to effectively sanitise surfaces and minimise the risk of transmission

Adelaide’s Most Experienced Biohazard Cleaning & Remediation Company

Call us now at (08) 8355 5727 for immediate assistance with biohazard cleaning and remediation in Adelaide. Trust O’Shea’s for compassionate service and thorough cleanup, ensuring safety and peace of mind in challenging situations.

Choosing the right Biohazard Cleaning & Remediation Company

Not all biohazard cleaning and remediation companies are the same! Our industry is unregulated and it is important that you choose the right supplier! You can trust that O’shea’s is licensed and certified, for your peace of mind.

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