9 Modern Carpet Trends8 Modern Carpet Trends To Keep A Lookout For

Carpeting is making a comeback with textures, shades and designs. It’s time to explore the freshest carpet trends to unleash the decorating flair in you!

Let’s take a look at the top 8 trends you should be keeping an eye out for over the next year.

Animal prints

Before you start to see stripes and spots before your eyes, take note that the trendy animal prints we knew and loved back then, have had their day. Zebra and tiger stripes, as well as leopard spots, are staying where they belong; back in the jungle and the plains of Africa. Subtle animal tones are coming into trend, so think about those animals who blend in with their surroundings, just in the way you want your carpet to blend into your household design. Fawn print carpeting is a top design trend in modern carpets as it gives a very chic approach to halls or stairways, and will be a statement floor in main rooms as well. If you decide to choose this type of carpet, engage professional cleaning and care to ensure it keeps on trend and looks good as new for years to come.

Eco friendly flooring

A number of households want to ensure their household is a green, eco-friendly household, so investing in flooring that is environmentally friendly is important to them. Natural materials such as sisal, are becoming ever popular as they are hardwearing, sustainable and also biodegradable. It can feel a little harder to the feet than other carpets. In areas where shoes are not worn, like having a rug by the side of the bed, for example, is better for those sensitive soles.

Flower power

Modern carpet trends include the bold and the beautiful. With a clever approach to design bold floral patterns, balanced with plain furnishings and a few key floral features (such as petal shaped cushions or up close prints of flowers), this can help give off a stylish but eclectic approach. Forget the swirly patterns that still haunt many of us from our grandparents’ era, floral carpet designs have come a lot further since then.

Mix and match

Carpet tiles are coming to the fore to provide a completely unique flooring design in a number of homes. You can design your own theme, provided you use the same type of carpet material. By using different colours and designs, mixing patterned and plain, anyone can put together a flooring that fits in with their individual style and taste. You can set them out and rearrange the design until you find something that fits in with your décor. Your professional carpet cleaning service can advise on the best method of keeping the floor clean and cared for during its use.


Trends in clothing include the return of geometric patterns. It does not take long before the carpet industry and flooring designers have started to practice a little geometry as well. Very effective against plain walls, this carpet trend will bring your home up-to-date while providing a comfortable floor area to walk on. Not only that, but carpeting is great at minimising sound, so think about this style for bedrooms and nurseries as well. Teenage bedrooms also work well with this sort of pattern and who knows – it might even install a love of mathematics in our youngsters as well!

Showcase patterned carpets

Feature walls; once the beloved showcase of the interior designers have given way to the feature carpet. There are a huge range of designs available today in a number of materials that carpet manufacturers are producing both en masse and as one-offs. They are comfortable under foot, great insulators of heat and noise, and will provide a stunning platform on which to arrange your furniture and accessories. Planning a design around your carpet is very on trend. You can pick up on the theme of the design in the colour of your walls, your bedlinen or cushions and the arrangement of the furniture. Once you have installed a patterned carpet, it will remain looking good for a number of years, provided you follow the care instructions and ensure that it is professionally cleaned.

Grey is great

In the same way that a number of youngsters are taking grey as their hair colour of choice, flint grey has paved the way as the upcoming neutral colour for carpets. Beige is having to give way to a dark flint grey which provides a great backdrop for both modern and traditional furniture. This can be chosen as a patterned carpet thus creating the illusion of flint rocks found on some coastal areas throughout the world, or as a carpet with plain background, a design that is both chic and great for hiding the dirt and spills that get tracked through the home.

Chequer this out!

Buffalo plaid is not just for the lumberjack shirts! Floor tiles using chequered patterns in three different colours will give a stunning effect. Whether you go for blue, white and grey for a cool theme or spice up a room with hotter colours of yellow, blood orange and red, the world is your oyster. Interspace the darker colours with the lighter tones for a Scottish plaid or tartan theme, and you can create a floor that is unique to your home.

Whichever way you choose to carpet your home, remember that there are a number of modern themes and designs to look out for – so start designing and enjoy the feel and warmth of carpeted flooring.

About the author

Kirsty O’Shea is the General Manager of O’Shea’s, a professional residential, commercial and industrial home and carpet cleaning services provider in Australia. Started in 1990, this family owned business remains focused on delivering high customer service and quality of service. Kirsty strongly believes in the warmth and comfort carpets can bring to a home. With the right style and type of carpet, it will help to complement the home greatly.