5 Top Tips For Maintaining a Clean Office From The Professionals

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People spend a lot of their waking hours in a week inside the workplace. A clean workspace means that workers remain healthy, leading to fewer sick leaves and higher productivity of the workforce. Cleanliness is vital whether in homes, workplaces or even the environment. In the office, a sanitary workplace is both essential and beneficial.

In an attempt to guarantee a sanitary workplace, most organisations have a dedicated cleaner or hire the services of a commercial cleaner in Adelaide like O’Shea’s. Many people may not know exactly where to start if they want to keep their workplace clean. However, there’s no need to be confused. There are a number of simple ways you can help maintain the cleanliness of your office. These are 5 top tips for maintaining a clean office from the professionals.

Empty the Garbage 1) Empty Garbage Bins Daily

A simple habit you can start doing almost immediately is taking out the garbage every day. When left alone, garbage can pile up, allowing germs and bacteria to breed. This also allows for left garbage to gather an odious odour. Not taking out the trash makes your office dirtier, while making it less healthy to work in.

When taking the bins out, be sure to tie and remove the used bin liner and dispose it in the service trolley. As it has been disposed, clean the exterior as well as the interior of the garbage bin with a sanitiser to clean it properly. Once you’ve removed the used bin, remember to place the bin in the new liner. It’s vital to ensure your hands are cleaned thoroughly following any of the tasks completed.

2) Clean and Vacuum Your Carpets

Ensuring your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned is important when maintaining office cleanliness. Whether it’s spills and stains, or dirt and dust on the surface of the ground, regularly removing unwanted filth from your floors is crucial for maximum benefits. Be sure to vacuum the carpeted area from the far end section when starting, before checking there aren’t any more stains or spills. Check the color of the carpet and remove any obstacles that are in the way of removing stains or spills on the carpet.

Spray the carpet with carpet cleaner and clear the spill using absorbent paper. Spray water and use a cloth to easily blot it, until the stain or spill has been removed. Remember to place all furniture back in its place once done.

Minimise Desk Clutter

3) Minimise Clutter on Desks

People’s desks are their work stations and often where they do most their workload. It’s important to keep this the most organised space in the office. A great way to prevent clutter on office desks, is to make it easier for people to get rid of rubbish, by placing trash bins in key areas of the office. Be sure to also encourage everyone to throw away their garbage once the work day is over.

4) Stock up on Cleaning Products

Always having cleaning products in stock is a great way of maintaining the cleanliness of your work place. Main cleaning supplies include; microfibre cloths, dustpan and broom or brush, a mop and bucket, vacuum cleaner and your choice of detergent. Keeping these in stock ensures nobody has any excuses not to clean up any messes or keep the place tidy.

Clean The Pantry 5) Clean The Pantry

The pantry is a place where all employees eat and spend their time. It can be a manic infesting ground for bacteria due to the food particles in the room. Be sure to spray cleaning solution onto stains or spills on the floor before dabbing absorbent paper. Following this, spray some water and use a simple cloth to remove them.

Once stains have been removed, fill water and mopping solution into a bucket before dipping the mop into the solution. Wring the mop and begin wiping the floor from section to section. Finally, after the mopping has been done for one section, just rinse the mop and move on the next section.

It’s important to maintain a clean office for everyone in the workplace. Having the cooperation of everyone is the best way to keep your office clean and healthy. If you’re looking for professional office cleaning in Adelaide, O’Shea’s is a trusted commercial & residential cleaning service with decades of experience. We take pride in providing quality services with excellent customer support. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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