Advantages of Carpet over Hardwood
The Advantages of Carpet Over Hardwood Flooring

Different types of interior look and feel of a home can be achieved with the use of different flooring options. There are several options in the market to choose from; carpet and hardwood are the most common choices. Knowing the differences between these options are helpful when deciding which type of flooring to choose from based on budget, needs, and design plan. While both have their own unique qualities, the benefits and advantages of carpet flooring outweighs hardwood floorings.

Some advantages of carpet over hardood flooring:

1. Comfort

Carpet flooring has a much softer feel than hardwood flooring. It creates a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which is great for bedrooms, the family room and the lounge. Spending long periods of time standing or sitting on hardwood flooring may hurt the feet, knees and back.

2. Good heat insulator

Carpet flooring has a huge advantage over hardwood flooring during winter. Besides acting as a cushion for your feet, carpet is also a good heat insulator. Moreover, waking up to the soft and welcoming texture of a carpet helps you start the day on the right note. Hardwood flooring can be harsh on cold mornings due to the fact that it does not retain any heat.

3. Child-friendly

Carpet flooring is a better choice especially for families with young children who are learning to crawl and walk. It is gentle on their knees and feet. It also helps to cushion their fall; minimizing bruises, broken bones and causing serious injuries. Breakage of fragile items could be minimized too if accidentally toppled by the child.
Wet mopping is part and parcel of maintaining the cleanliness of hardwood floors. This could be slippery and dangerous for a child while the floor is semi-wet. (Not to mention for fragile adults too!)

4. Health & floor maintenance

Maintaining the cleanliness of hardwood flooring involves a couple of steps; sweeping and mopping. Due to its smooth surface, hardwood flooring requires daily maintenance as dust and debris get stirred up constantly by wind and movement on the floor. This might be a health issue for those with asthmatic problems when breathing in allergenic particles in the air. On the contrary, carpet flooring only requires weekly vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year to give the carpet a thorough deep clean; removing embedded allergen particles, dirt and dust.

5. Noise reduction

Besides being a good heat insulator, carpet flooring helps to absorb noise and reduce echoes as well. It is especially useful for rooms located upstairs as it reduces noise pollution from heavy footed residents, those watching movies or listening to music as noise travels easily.

6. Value for money

Carpet flooring generally costs less than hardwood flooring. It also requires less time to install too. It is an ideal choice for a quick and cost-efficient renovation. As mentioned, carpet flooring is a good heat insulator compared to hardwood flooring, thus reducing the overall electricity bill during the cold winter months.

7. Wider Range of Designs

The range of textures, designs and colours of carpet flooring are wider to choose from to suit the interior design of your house. Carpet flooring that complements the interior design of the home will elevate the look and atmosphere of the room, making it an inviting space to relax and rest in.

Advantages of Carpet?

While both types of flooring have its own unique benefits, carpet flooring generally trumps hardwood flooring. It is usually more budget friendly, safer, and has a wider range of designs to choose from. When the decision of choosing carpet flooring is made, it is wise to prolong and protect the investment you have put in by having it cleaned by professional residential carpet cleaners regularly. This will keep your carpets looking great for many years to come.

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