Professional Tile and Grout CleaningWe all lead busy lives and from time to time, there are those jobs that are just better left to the professionals. Cleaning and scrubbing out the grouting and tiles in a bathroom is a thankless task and a time consuming one. However, it is the one room in the house that both guests and family use. So, for the sake of your own health and wellbeing, not to mention the appearance of the home, use a professional tile cleaning company and reap the following benefits.

Longer lasting tile floors

Your tiles get a lot of traffic on a daily basis and over time, can start to look grimy and lose the special glaze that protects them from wear and tear. Once this happens, any bits of dirt or grit walked into the bathroom could cause scratches and tiles will lose their good looks. Spillages from beauty products or chemicals could also stain because the protective glaze is started to wear thin.
Commercial cleaning companies apply a cleaning solution to the floor to get rid of all dirt and contaminants. Once thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed, a clear sealer can be applied over the top of the tiles, extending their lifecycle and restoring them to a high-quality finish.

No more mould or mildew

Bathrooms, and kitchens, are prone to some mould or mildew from time to time, usually appearing in hard to reach places as well. The spores develop on the grouting where the level of humidity is high, and lighting is poor. They need to be removed because the spores are hazardous to your health, and if you have a household with vulnerable people (very young children, senior citizens, those with asthma), this will not help their breathing. Mould is very allergenic and causes people to wheeze and cough. However, professional tile and grout cleaners know just what cleaning products can safely remove these allergens and how to stop it reappearing.

Hassle free cleaning

You don’t have to spend time shopping and thinking about what cleaning product is best to try to keep your tiles and grout in sparkling condition. Testing products on the market is going to be time consuming, not to mention expensive, but the professionals have got this all on hand.
No more getting down on your knees and scrubbing for several hours to remove the dirt and grime because the professionals use the right products and the right tools to scrub and clean out grouting and surfaces of tiles without damaging them. Plus, getting up on stepladders to reach any tiles higher up will no longer be a problem, as the professionals have the tools and techniques to do this for you. In the long run, you gain back hours of your time and get a sparkling kitchen or bathroom surface to admire, so it is worth every cent.

Money saving

Although you do have to pay out for the service, it will still save you money. There are some cleaning products on the market that can damage grouting, which loosens and then the integrity of the tile is impaired. Loose tiles move and can break underfoot. Then, you have all the hassle in trying to match them and some patterns may very well no longer be available to buy. If there are still available, then often you are not able to just buy one or two to replace the broken ones and have to fork out for a whole box. Once in place, they will look out of place because they are brand new without the wear and tear. This is very noticeable and impacts on the overall look and design of the room. You also have to buy new grout, and this won’t be the same colour as the original and you have to use the same amount as before otherwise the new tiles will not be level with the old ones.
However, using a professional cleaning business means tiles will last longer (and they are an expensive commodity) so you avoid the repair and replacement costs because they are being properly maintained. You gain cupboard space and save because you don’t have to buy separate cleaning products for tiles and for grouting. Plus, you don’t have to invest in any special tools as a professional tile and grout cleaning company have the industrial cleaners and correct cleaning solutions to do the job for you.

Good as new

Once you have had your tiles and grouting cleaned professionally, there is no going back to the old days of labour-intensive scrubbing and cleaning only to get them looking reasonably clean. Tiled walls in the showers have the soap scum removed, floor tiles are scrubbed and treated with a protective finish so that your room will look as good as the day the tiles were laid.

Bringing in the professionals avoids all of the above pitfalls and you get to sit back and relax while they get on with the job. So give us a call at Oshea’s and we’ll have your tiles and grout looking as good as new in no time at all!