Do I have to stay home while you clean?

No. Some of our clients pay us before we start, then leave, and let us to close the house when we finish. Some go out and do some shopping while the cleaning is being done, and return before we finish, we can even ring you on your mobile half an hour before we finish so you can return before we leave [if you decide to go out during the clean we will require payment before you leave, just in case you are held up]. Many people just enjoy the excuse to relax and read a magazine or a book, or do some gardening! If you do go out please ensure we have your mobile phone number!

If you are not present at all during the clean eg. the property is empty and you leave a key for us, we will require payment before we start. The easiest way to arrange this is to have your mobile phone so that we can call you and confirm the final price when we see the property before we start cleaning. Then you can pay for the cleaning on credit card over the phone. If we do not get a payment before we start we cannot go ahead with the cleaning.

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