What should I do if my room is flooded?

Firstly address, if possible, the source of the water, obviously until this is resolved water will continue to flood your carpet. Then, if safe to do so, turn off electricity to wet areas, unplug and remove any small electrical devices located on the wet carpet.

Call O’Shea’s as soon as possible, we are professionally trained in water restoration services. Time is of the essence in these cases, the longer the water is in contact with your carpet and structure the more damage it will cause.

  • Use any type of vacuum cleaner; it could result in electrical shock and damage the equipment and the person using it
  • Walk on wet carpets more than necessary
  • Place newspaper in traffic areas, as newspaper ink will cause staining

You may also like to give some consideration to contacting your insurance company as soon as possible, arranging insurance can take some time and this type of restoration can be costly.

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