The dining room is the one area of the home that probably takes the hardest knocks when it comes cleanliness – especially when the whole family gets together, sharing food and drinks that do not always stay on the plate! Fortunately, with a few easy cleaning hints and tips that you factor into your regular housekeeping routine, you will have a clean dining room for the whole family to enjoy.

Vacuuming the room

Lift up chairs and place, either on the table or out in the hall, to give you a clear space to vacuum. The floor is going to take a lot of beating with food debris that can go mouldy, if trodden into carpets and left to fester. Start by giving the room a vacuum, including using the hose attachment to hoover along window sills or door ledges which also collect dust and debris. If you have blinds or curtains, use the soft bristle attachment and vacuum dust from the slats of blinds or vacuum down the curtains (including pelmets) from top to bottom.

For wooden floors, the soft bristle attachment works just as well and prevents scratching or dents appearing on the surface. Pick up food as soon as it is dropped, and mud that is brought in from the garden can be left to dry then brushed out with a hard bristle brush. For hard to remove stains, use a stain spot remover which includes a deodoriser, to remove any lingering smells left by pets or cooking mishaps.

Clean the chairs

Dust over the chairs, if they have leather seats and back rests, give them a good clean with a spot block that protects the leather and keeps it supple. Once a month, using a weak solution of white vinegar and warm water, dip a clean cloth in the solution, wring it out until nearly dry and wipe down the wooden surfaces. This will remove oil and grease left there by our hands, then use a beeswax polish to “feed” the wood and keep it in good condition.

Chrome chairs can be cleaned in the same way but a proprietary metal polish will keep them looking liking new. Wicker dining chairs collect a lot of dust so vacuuming the backs and seat area removes dirt and debris, cushions should be shaken out and the covers washed (if removable) at least once a month. If not removable, use a proprietary upholstery cleaning product to remove the stains.

Cleaning the dining table

This should be done after every meal and you should use table mats to protect the surface of the table. Take everything off the dining table, then spray the surface with a child and pet friendly disinfectant. This will help kill germs left by food particles or insects and keep the family safe and healthy. Wipe off with a clean dry cloth and allow the surface to dry before putting everything back onto the table top. (If you have a raised child’s seat with plastic lap tray for the very young, make sure that you give this a clean in the same way after each use).

Dust regularly

Skin cells, and pet hair are loved by dust mites, so make sure that you dust the surfaces of all other furniture in the dining room. Vacuuming will remove a certain amount of dust but for the more delicate items in the dining room, you should use a clean cloth and a bit of elbow grease to keep those surfaces sparkling. Glassware and delicate china ornaments will benefit from a regular wash in clean soapy water, a rinse in clean cold water and then polished dry. Then you can sit back and raise a glass as you enjoy your clean and pleasant dining area.

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