Steam CleaningHave you had your carpets professionally steam cleaned recently?

If not, you might be holding back due to a preconceived notion that steam cleaning is unnecessary, prohibitively expensive, or somehow detrimental to your carpet. The reality is that a regular steam cleaning service is none of the above. On the contrary, it should be a permanent fixture of your routine maintenance regime because it lengthens the durability of your carpet and retains the value of your home.

The following seven common misconceptions will help you understand why it’s essential to steam clean your carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning is Cheap and Easy to DIY

All you’ve got to do is hire a machine and run it over the carpet a few times, right? Not exactly. The steam cleaning process is remarkably complex.

A qualified and experienced professional carpet cleaner will know all about the different types of carpet: how it’s made, what fibres it contains, and what cleaning issues may arise. Then there are all the different cleaning chemicals involved, which require a rudimentary understanding of chemistry to use. Choosing the wrong cleaning agent could permanently stain the carpet or cause existing stains to spread. A pro knows exactly which chemicals work best in what situations.
Severe mould issues may also arise during a DIY job. Merely running the cleaner over a carpet too many times will cause water to seep under the fibres and into the backing. This moisture takes an extended period to dry, and often results in mould forming underneath, thus permanently ruining the carpet. So even though it may seem cheaper to hire a machine and do it yourself, but without adequate experience, it’s quite likely you’ll mess up the carpet and end up paying much more in the long run.

All Methods Are the Same

A common reason why many try to DIY is the false belief that all cleaning methods are the same. In reality, there are two distinct methods: dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

The best method depends on many factors, including the type of carpet and the severity of the stain. Choosing the wrong option could permanently damage your carpet, so it’s wise to let a professional make the decision.

You Should Shop Around For the Cheapest Price

Just like any other industry on Earth, you get what you pay for in the carpet cleaning business. Some operators out there are all too eager to undercut the competition, although this tactic comes at the expense of quality.

Budget carpet cleaners will do a rush job, use low-end equipment, and hire poorly trained personnel. The service will consequently be inferior, and the customer will be left with a carpet that is nowhere near as clean as they’d hoped. Granted, it’s pretty hard for the layman to judge which businesses are reputable. Your best bet is to check out a few online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family. Upon shortlisting a preferred cleaner, ask about them about their experience, qualifications, equipment, methods, and how long they expect to spend on the job.

You Should Wait a Long Time before Cleaning a New Carpet

Plenty of carpet owners are of the incorrect opinion they should wait several years before cleaning their new carpet. The fact of the matter is, your carpet should be steam cleaned every year or so, regardless of whether it’s new or 20 years old.

Not only does a steam cleaning make your carpet look like new, but it’ll also enhance its longevity. Through day to day use, we trample dust particles deep into the fibres of the carpet, which causes them to weaken and break off over time. Steam cleaning is the only way to rectify the situation.

Steam Cleaning Will Make Your Carpet Shrink

This one can be true, but only when you attempt a DIY job or hire an unskilled cleaner. Shrinkage is caused by oversaturation when the cleaner applies to much water and doesn’t properly vacuum it out again. This malpractice causes the backing underneath to expand, which results in an unsightly ripple effect. A skilled cleaner knows all about the issue and will make every effort to avoid it.

The Carpet Takes Several Days to Dry

Some people even think they’ll have to get a hotel in the meantime. Although this may be the case for a DIY job or an inexperienced cleaner, a pro will ensure your carpet is ready to use within a fraction of that time. Various factors influence the drying time such as the weather, the method, the kind of carpet, and the amount of ventilation. Nevertheless, a steam clean job shouldn’t take much longer than six hours to dry. A skilled cleaner can give you an accurate drying time estimate on the spot.

Steam Cleaning Leads to Mould and Mildew

As we’ve already learnt, mould and mildew are common issues that can arise from a dodgy DIY job. A professional steam cleaning, on the other hand, is not only safe, but it can also stop mould and mildew from spreading in the first place. Getting dirt or soil stuck in your carpet will retain moisture, which is a breeding ground for mould. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove stubborn dirt stains, thus eliminating the mould’s potential home.

For a quality carpet steam clean you can trust, get in touch with the pros at O’Shea’s today. With over 26 years of experience in serving the Adelaide region, the team has got what it takes to get the job done right.