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Articles of interest re carpets, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, insurance restoration and other topics.

Cleaning Carpet Spills

I have been reading so many posts lately about how to treat spills on carpets. People, immediately ask, “what should I clean it with?”, “what should I spray on it?”.... Read More

Ways to Maintain Light Office Carpets

As many people know, there are many different types of flooring to choose from when you are designing a room in an office, home, or other type of building. There... Read More

Here’s Why You Should Use a Carpet Stretching and Repair Service

Out of all the floors that you can choose for your home, one of the most rewarding flooring types is the carpet. Not only are carpets beautiful to look at,... Read More

Best Way to Get Stains Out of Carpets

Dirt from shoes such as mud or other unmentionable substances traipsed through the home by the kids or family pet, spillages from coffee cups or wine glasses, along with other... Read More

How to Clean a Dining Room Quick and Efficiently?

The dining room is the one area of the home that probably takes the hardest knocks when it comes cleanliness – especially when the whole family gets together, sharing food... Read More

Benefits of Using a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

As many people who own carpeted rooms will tell you, caring for and cleaning carpets can be challenging in a number of different ways. In exchange for a soft and... Read More

How Specialist Chlorine Dioxide Cleaning Systems Can Help Safely Eliminate The Coronavirus

The spread of the Coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19 has caused a surge in the sales of cleaning and disinfection products. Regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, together with thorough... Read More

How Professional Cleaning Services Can Help You Stay Safe From The Coronavirus

As the novel Coronavirus continues to spread mainly through respiratory droplets from person to person, there’s also evidence that transmission can happen by touching infected surfaces. These include door knobs,... Read More

5 Top Tips For Maintaining a Clean Office From The Professionals

People spend a lot of their waking hours in a week inside the workplace. A clean workspace means that workers remain healthy, leading to fewer sick leaves and higher productivity... Read More

Coronavirus COVID-19 minimise the rate of infection at home or business

How to minimise the spread of coronavirus at home or in the office The novel Coronavirus is officially a pandemic that has brought the country to a state of emergency.... Read More