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5 Top Tips For Maintaining a Clean Office From The Professionals

People spend a lot of their waking hours in a week inside the workplace. A clean workspace means that workers remain healthy, leading to fewer sick leaves and higher productivity... Read More

Coronavirus COVID-19 minimise the rate of infection at home or business

How to minimise the spread of coronavirus at home or in the office The novel Coronavirus is officially a pandemic that has brought the country to a state of emergency.... Read More

Top 8 Hardest Carpet Stains To Remove Which O’Shea’s Can Help You With

Carpets can be difficult to take care of with the risk of staining being a constant worry. Ideally, you would avoid dropping anything on your carpet but unfortunately this is... Read More

5 Signs That a Property is in Need of a Meth Lab Restoration

Meth labs can be found in almost any location, all over the country. However, the real and present danger is when meth labs occur in properties. Due to the lack... Read More

5 Most Common Tile And Grout Problems

Clean tiled surfaces are an integral part to maintaining a safe and healthy home or office space. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular, have tiled surfaces that are the perfect breeding... Read More

5 Common Causes of Damaged Carpets

As homeowners, we all want a carpet that can last forever however, even the most durable and reliable product can eventually become worn out. Not only are carpets pleasant to... Read More

Steps On How to Help a Hoarder Clean Their Home

Helping a hoarder clear out the clutter in their home is no easy feat. Not only must you embark on a monumental multi-day effort, but you must also get the... Read More

7 Qualities of a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company

Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equally. Some operators are far superior to others in terms of workmanship and customer service. And unfortunately, some companies out there seem to... Read More

5 Things to Look Out For When Hiring a Lawn Mowing & Gardening Service

There’s no harm in getting a little help with your garden. After all, giving your luscious lawn the tender love and care it deserves involves a heck of a lot... Read More