Do I have to move my furniture?

For the best results you should move as much furniture as possible, this allows us to clean from wall to wall.
If you are vacating a property you should arrange to have the carpet cleaned after all of the furntiture has been removed.
If you are not vacating the property we understand that it is not always practical or possible to remove all of the furniture, but we reccomend the following:

  • All small items are picked up and removed eg. Toys, shoes etc
  • All curtains are tucked away from the carpet
  • All bedding is tucked away from the carpet
  • If beds are on roller we will push them back and forward, if not we will go as far underneath them as possible
  • We will clean around large items such as TV cabinets

We do not allow enough time to move every customers furniture. However, as a matter of courtesy and as long as the request is reasonable and not too time consuming, we are happy to shift one or two things here or there to help, particulalry if the customer is unable to do it themselves.

Please remember the technician will be on his own and he will have to refuse to move anything that could cause him an injury or any request that is deemed unreasonable.

If large amounts of furniture need ot be moved this will need to be prearranged and there will be a charge.

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