I have a red wine stain, will you remove it?

This depends on how quickly the stains was mopped up after spilling. We have the correct equipment and stain removal agents to treat these stains effectively, however we cannot guarantee to achieve complete stain removal.However, in most instances you will see a minimum of some improvement eg. The stain will at least fade or reduce in size.

Things to be wary of when you have a spill:

  • Using products from the supermarket [even ones designed for carpet care] can cause more damage than good eg. Setting stains, bleaching carpet, damaging carpet fibers
  • Not mopping up the stain immediately can allow the liquid to penetrate deep into the carpet pile, backings and underlay. Large spills can go right through to sub floor.
  • Be mindful when mopping up the spill to use a white cloth to avoid dye transfer [we highly recommend using a ‘Slurpex’ to mop up spills]
  • Do not rub carpet when dealing with stains and spills, this will cause permanent damage to the pile. You MUST blot the area for best results.
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